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young kids sitting during martial arts class


Junior Cubs

(Ages 4-6)


Our Junior Cubs class focuses on developing a strong foundation of life skills for young students. Our instructors conduct class through fundamental martial arts techniques, which also introduce and help develop motor skills and physical coordination.

young girl with hand out



(Ages 7-11)


Our Youth martial arts program provides a fun, exciting, and focused atmosphere for children to learn a solid foundation of martial arts techniques. Physically, a student will learn coordination, movement, balance, and intensity through their introduction to the basic techniques.



(Ages 12-17)


Our Teen program offers a fun, exciting, and challenging environment to help introduce and prepare a student for adult life. The physical discipline and martial arts skills taught in this program will develop coordination and agility while also helping a student feel safe in defending themselves.

adults during martial arts class




Our Adult program is geared towards adults of all walks of life. It’s never too late to get started on your martial arts journey! We believe that with the right amount of effort, consistency, and desire, anyone can become a Black Belt in our program, regardless of age or current physicality.